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Unlike the other two possessive signs we know, Taurus and Scorpio, Cancer tries to bind the person to them with egregious acts of kindness. He hides his feelings so as to avoid being rejected or humiliated. Sagittarius, of course, will have none of any of this. Sooner if the crab gets really clingy. She will ignore his crab-by ways if she gets enough money to keep the good times rolling his or hers or theirs.

Ask about his mother. You have to offer her something without seeming to take something else away. This is tricky. Neither sign is particularly interested in romance but they will go to great lengths to fuss over one another and nurture mutual well being. They are equallyconcerned that each stays healthy in mind, body and spirit.

If there is one partner who can direct her arrow of desire, it is Cancer. These two share an innocence which makes them quite compatible below the obvious level of superficial differences.

Capricorn woman and cancer man dating

These signs are quincunx one another, different in element, personality and modality [as different as two signs can get]. Is this friendship? There is a nice balance of energies that makes a compatible marriage. Both partners like peace and serenity, good will and win-win nurturing situations. They tend to bring out the very best in one another. They really love and take care of one another and any children.

Cancer makes sure they are safe and sound. Sagittarius makes sure they grow in the light.. Sexual passion is the secret glue to this bond. It is absolutely awesome, very play-full and child like in its openness and light hearted sharing of absolutely everything. Each time they come together is like the first time! They both tried their hardest and know the other one did too. The hope will be continued cherishing of what they created together with a win for everyone. Click here for your Free Numerology Reading.

I find absolute truth in your analogy,because im a cancer guy dating a sag lady. We hope to get married someday, all things being equal. The only problem we experience is my strong jealousy over her male friends. I think it is because i love her so much and does not want to share her love for me with any other. Give her absolute freedom and she will always be yours. I try telling him that he can trust me, but he doesn;t want to listen.

Cancer Woman

How can a relationship survive without trust? I agree with this analysis. My closest friend is a male cancer, and I a sag girl. We bonded pretty well.

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I call him my humble side-kick. But sometimes I also find it difficult to know what he is really thinking about. Nancy, I laughed so hard cause of this article. It is so true!

Understanding the Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

I am a Sag and my husband is a Cancer. Thank you very much, it was truly fun to read. I love the clingy and crabby side about my cancerian man and tease him with it, calling him mister Crab hee hee. I love that they nuture me and cater 2 me..

Cancer & Pisces: Love Compatibility

Are cancers men nature cheaters? I am very loyal and I sometimes feel betrayed by cancer males hooking me into their trap just to keep on living unfaithful….

Why do I love them so much? Thank you for this article, I am into the first 2 days of conversation with a sag. This article gives me insight and hope I can move forward in a more relaxed mannor. After the first day I wanted to tell her off, lol, but I get it. Will try to not to control her. Sag girl attracts me physically, her energy, voice.. I read a lot about our sign compatibilities.. Wow I am a cancerian, My girl is sagi. Nov , I always put my heart open in front of her and she will respond in return so lightly that I feel she doesnt love me.

I have tried to end relation so often but she weeps and I have no option other than to agree on whatever she has to offer. What should I do??? Oh … this sounds beautiful!! He takes my breath away with his charm and kindness. I am a sag girl who became attracted to a cancer man and absolutely fell head over heels. I have never opened up to anyone the way I did. What I loved the most is that he seemed protective of me. I have never opened up to anyone before and never will again! Im a Sag girl Nov 25 and my guy is a Cancer June I am really feeling his love lately and its made me so happy.

I recently went for a visit to my folks and the whole entire time I was there he barely texted me. Maybe its just me…IDK! I really want us to work out cause I am so tired of being used and abused. Will he ever really want me? I have to say that I have never been more in love and more confused. This woman is so crude, shallow and insensitive. At the same time I find her so endearing for some reason.

The more I get to know her the more I love her. She angers me to the point of me wanting to explode, but somehow makes me feel like the luckiest guy on earth.

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She has a masculine side to her and is a total foul mouthed tomboy. She has guys chasing after her right and left.

I have never been more insecure about myself in my life. I tried leaving her a few times and it ended up in threats of suicide and or in tears. The sex is seriously the best ever, I have never been more turned on by a woman. Deep down I know she has been through hell with men, all I want to do is giver hr a stable loving person that she can count on always. I have no interest in any other women. The only problem I have is trust. So I was going out with this guy and I really liked him, he was a cancer. But he was being kind of closed off and odd around me, unlike before when we were just friends.

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It turns out he still had feelings for my friend.