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In fact, one would be hard pressed to be bored in the study of Vedic Astrology with its magnitude of techniques and practices and its links to Vedic philosophy and the development of consciousness.

With the coming availability of online classes for Vedic Astrology, the number of knowledgeable and skilled astrologers should increase many fold. In ancient India, a town was considered blessed that had a resident astrologer. With the reach of the Internet and the convenience and accessibility of online learning, the knowledge of Vedic Astrology should be able to reach every corner of the globe. This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages.

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Indian Astrology

Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. While discussing the history of ancient Indian astrology , one has to date back over years. According to the greatest Indian astrologers , astrology is an extensive study of planets and stars. It is said that the position of stars has a great role to play in determining the future of the individuals and this is the reason why the ancient sages used to have great knowledge about the location of the asteroids.

Using accurate mathematical calculations, the ancient astrologers used to detect the basic forces of the universe and then through comprehensive calculations, the exact predictions about the future of the individuals as well as the whole world used to be forecasted. The most unique thing that differentiates ancient Indian astrology from other forms of astrology is its preciseness.

Ancient Indian astrology can use upto twenty one different charts for the same natal chart and which makes it attain a distinctive touch is that all the charts are unique to each other. It also makes use of multifarious zodiac signs as well as Dasha systems and creates accurate predictions for the entire world.

Also, according to variegated researches, Lord Ganesha is known to be the first astrologer in the whole universe.

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Aryabhatya and Varahamihira were also two renowned astrologers in ancient India. Among the famous modern Indian astrologers, the names of Bejan Daruwalla, Dr. Frick, Leipzig, , and Solinus Mommsen, 2nd ed. Chalmers, Pali Text Society, vol. Horner, Pali Text Society, pt.

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Banerjea in A Comprehensive History of India, vol. Nilakanta Sastri, Bombay-Calcutta-Madras, , chap. Ghoshal in A Comprehensive History of India, vol. Her arguments are not entirely convincing; but even were they to prove correct, the conclusions reached in this paper would not be affected. Tarn, The Greeks in Bactria and India, 2nd ed.

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Oriental Soc. Sircar in Indian Historical Quart. This inscription has now been published by D.

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  • Future Point: A Pioneer in Ancient Indian Astrology.
  • Sircar and K. Raychaudhuri in The Early History of the Deccan, ed. Yazdani, vol. Neugebauer, Egyptian Planetary Texts, Trans. Sciences, Kon. See also a Demotic text edited by R. Carlsberg 32 uses Babylonian methods ; a Greek papyrus of a similar nature is to be published in Papiri Greci e Latini Boer, in her edition of Paulus Alexandrinus, Leipzig, , p28, says that this passage is not by Heliodorus, and she does not include it in her edition of Heliodorus? Professor Neugebauer, who has examined a photograph of the manuscript, informs me that one should read 1,, rather than 1,, i.

    Knudtzon and O. Danske Vid. Krishnamacharya, Adyar Library Series 63, Madras, The first is the original work, probably of the fourth century; it is lost. This text is obviously based on an Arabic work; see T. Versions two, three, and perhaps five are dealt with, though not thoroughly, in S. Burgess, ibid.

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    Carpenter, Pali Text Society, vol. Morris, Pali Text Society, pt. Kern, Leyden, ; cf. Honigmann and A. Their cultural influence seems to have been nil. Khareghat Memorial Volume, vol. Bidez and F. Hoernle, The Bower Manuscript, Arch. West, SBE, vol. Barth and T. Scheftelowitz in Zeitschr. See also fn. Saffouri and A. Ifram with a commentary by E. Sayili, The Observatory in Islam, Publ. Turkish Historical Soc. The authors of the Pahlavi books appear not to have realized the function of these chords. Kennedy; the identification with Abydenus was originally suggested by Professor A.

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