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Falling on the ground in front of the sage with his nose pressed to the earth at his feet the king requests the sage to forgive his misjudgement. The sage responds by imparting a dissertation of very clear and precise spiritual knowledge that has just as much relevance today as it did then. This book tells the simple story directly transcribed from the original Vedic texts of a wandering aesthetic who comes in Puri on the topic of the spiritual master.

Puri systematically sets out the qualities and qualifications of both the spiritual teacher and the student disciple. The book describes the proper processes of approaching the spiritual teacher, learning from them, and offering service to them. Puri — , born in Ganganandapur in Jessore district present-day Bangladesh on October 19, , dedicated his life, spanning over a century, to the service of his guru and is the founder Acharya of the Gopinath Gaudiya Math.

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His writings reflect the disciplined eye of a scholar who expresses profound scriptural conclusions with grace and directness. He taught and exemplified the spiritual concepts of pure devotion, or Krishna bhakti, as expressed within the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. Puri relating to what the You may also like: Srimad Bhagavatam Krsna's friendship Vol. And the serious student would do well to attempt to go through them to better relish the transcendental messages. This unalloyed spotless transcendental knowledge flows endlessly from Lord Krishna to the exalted and pure souls whose life and soul is Lord Krishna and such pure souls become a transparent medium for us to understand the intricate dynamics of the nectar of devotion and the nectarean Almighty Lord Sri Krishna.

The treasured nectar of Bhagavatam has been impeccably churned by the scholarly stalwarts of Gaudiya Vaisnava lineage in the Symphony of Commentaries of the Tenth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. The narrative of the Rasa Lila is the cream of the milk ocean of the vedic literature.

The description of Steven J. Special Offers. View All. This two-volume set is a must for anyone who seeks to go deeper in the understanding of Sanskrit texts. He adds You may also like: Sri Brihad-Bhagavatamrita Vol. After his departure, his son, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura established a printing press and began his preaching mission, The Shri Gaudiya Math. This he did until , the year of his passing from this world. Each volume is accompanied by a separate indexed booklet.

Each book averaging - pages. The first part contains a description of the genesis, greatness of the deities and worship of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Surya. Second, third and fourth parts describe about the greatness of Shiva, Vishnu and Surya respectively. Like other Puranas, Bhavishya Purana also contains a description of the ancient kings and Chandra and Surya dynasties.

The four parts include , 62, , and chapters. The specific appeal of this Purana is that it narrates incidents that will occur in the future, as well as accounts that happened in the distant past. This first volume covers chapters 1 - 22, there is an elaborate exposition of the auspicious and inouspicious characteristics of men and women, and in the course of this description, there is much information on Vedic physiognomy. There is certainly much being enacted on a very subtle platform at least that is my personal conviction.

Such things may be witnessed by us, but their affects upon us cannot be denied. Physiognomy falls into that category. The Vedic understanding is that the gross body of a living entity is manifested according to the condition of the subtle body, or mind.

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You may also like: Bhavishya Purana Vol. The Bhavishya Purana is the eleventh among the Puranas and it contains four parts. The first part contains a description This volume two covers chapters 23 - 64, Chapters 23 to 26 continue with the characteristics of men and women, the middle part deals with varnasrama, and starting from chapters 43 it reads about the worship of the sun-god, chaper 64 is a conversation between Brahma and Surya. You may also like: Bhavishya Purana vol. The Bhavishya Purana is the eleventh among the Puranas and it containsfour parts.

The first part contains a description of This volume 6 covers chapters Children Books View All. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. These multi-layered stories can be visited again and again, always with something new and exciting to learn. Each story is accompanied by unique illustrations.

Complete with a glossary of unfamiliar words. Twenty-eight traditional stories, with seventy-six line drawings and eight colour prints. Useful at many levels, from Key Stage One up These narrations will give children the right perspective about the pastimes of Lord Krishna and will instill and nurture faith and devotion towards the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, who is the protector and provider of all living entities.

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This 4- volume book is filled with paintings which depict scenes from Lord Krishna's pastimes. Numerous Color Illustrations! This is the most authentic narration of Lord Krishna's pastimes.

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